• Admission of trainees to the institute implies compliance with each regulation as may be made from time to time by authorities for the proper maintenance of order and discipline of the institute.

  • Strict discipline will be maintained in the institute. Indiscipline, misconduct or irregularity will render a student liable for fine, suspension or dismissal as the case may be.

  • Letters to the trainee in the institute, address will be censored if it is found necessary.

  • Strict regularity, politeness, courtesy of speech and good conduct, cleanliness of dress, person and place of both work and living quarters and expected of all trainees.

  • Smoking, chewing, consumption of alcohol and use of snuff are prohibited in the class room, workshop and campus. Using of mobile phones in the campus is also strictly prohibited.

  • Any kind of damage done to the building, instruments, machinery, tools, installations etc. could lead of severe disciplinary action up to the extent of imposing fines against the accused.

  • The institute cannot make itself responsible for books, money, instruments, tools, clothes and other articles that are lost. The trainees must look after their own belongings.

  • No trainee is allowed to enter any room or workshop other than assigned to him/her for the purpose of training, work or class.

  • All trainees have to attain practical & theory classes in the prescribed uniform. No other color will be permitted.

  • Trainees are expected to keep class rooms and workshops clean and in order and replace the tools and instruments in their proper places before leaving the premises at the end of each shift on working days.

  • A trainee who is absent or is late for class or work will not be admitted to the class without the principalís permission.

  • Trainees are required to observe strict punctuality in attendance. Leave application in the prescribed form should be submitted either in advance or the very next day of absence. Absence without leave will be seriously viewed as per the government rules. Trainees who do not secure 80% attendance will not be eligible to attend final trade test.

  • In case of sickness, the trainee on returning to institute must bring a proper medical certificate with fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner. If the sickness lasts more than three days, it should be informed immediately to the concerned authority.

  • A trainee is entitled to have 12 days casual leave, 15 days special leave and 3 weeks medical leave per year.

  • Trainees are forbidden from organizing any meeting or inviting any outsiders without the permission of the authorities.

  • In case there is a doubt with regard to the explanation of the rules, the decision of the head of institute shall be final. He deserves the right to give authentic explanation to the given rules.

  • Eligible trainees are entitled to get concessions in OSRTC and railway and also for stipend /scholarship from tribal welfare department, social welfare department etc.

  • Proper identity card should be attained from the institute and produced for verification whenever needed. Identity Card is to be surrendered on completion of the course, discontinuance of discharge.

  • Parents/ guardians, friends, relatives are not allowed to visit their children or to meet the faculty during the class hours. However, in urgent cases the management or the faculty-in-charge may be approached.

  • The signing of the admission form will constitute an agreement on the part of the parents/ guardians and candidates to the above conditions.

  • Disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal will be taken for irregular attendance, habitual idleness, negligence in training, disobedience and disrespect towards instructors and members of staff.

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